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Charlie Montney
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I'm a forty-something longhaired almost-hippie stuck in the inner suburbs of a major rust-belt metropolis who's thoughtful, creative, and kind of geeky. In exchange for a paycheck I run around in a cubicle maze most days. When I escape, I play music, hang out in coffee houses, dink around on the computer, take naps, and think I should be off in the woods somewhere. Every once in a while I get in my car and drive far, far away, though I've always come back so far.

I realized I have presences all over the Internet. It's really kind of frightening. But here are some of them, for the curious:Lately I've been writing mostly about stuff going on in my life. A lot of that stuff is music-related, either as a performer or a listener. Sometimes I'll venture into commentary on news and politics. Sometimes there are photos. I try not to whine or kvetch—you don't want to read that anyway. The odd meme shows up if it's interesting enough.

Fun fact: Charlie Monterey is my stage name. It's longer than my real name. No, I didn't think that part through at the time.