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In the last four or five days, I've won four free songs from iTunes on Mountain Dew soda caps. "Neat," thought I, "but fat lot of good it does me." See, I thought that iTunes was only available for Mac OS and WinXP. At lunchtime I got curious and went to the iTunes website and ... now they support Win2k, too. Or maybe I was mistaken all along. Anyway, now I get to take my laptop to some place with a broadband connection (Coffee Beanery, most likely, since they have LAN hookups and my wireless card doesn't seem to work) and experiment with the world of iTunes.

My weekend was pretty low-key. I spent some time chatting with ferndalealex at Java Hutt in Ferndale. Then I went home and watched the entire first DVD of Wolf's Rain (episodes 1-5), which is noteworthy because the disc makes these weird grinding noises in the DVD player and sometimes doesn't play at all, but it behaved Saturday night. Sunday was dinner at Mom's, a short walk in Ferndale, a stop at Java Hutt again to do some journaling and plotting my financial future (sort of), then back home to do laundry.

The actual high point came Friday night when I actually composed something musical. I was reading an issue of American Songwriter magazine earlier, which had an interview with Peter Buck of R.E.M. He mentioned how the latest album had some different chord structures, such as a B-flat 6th chord in "Leaving New York." So later I started playing with that, and it inspired a guitar chord progression that I had to record for later refinement. It's the first musical thing I've written in a while, and it felt pretty cool. Don't know exactly what I'll do with it, but something will come up I'm sure. I'm just happy I came up with something unusual for me, and it's all Peter Buck's fault.

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