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Remember me?

Here's a bullet-point sort of post to try to cover ground since the last time I posted, which I guess was mid-May? Of 2017, smartypants.

- Dave was here Memorial Day weekend, and we saw our last Detroit Symphony concert of the season, which included Mendelssohn's Second Symphony, Faure's Pavane, and a new violin concerto performed by James Ehnes. At the close of the Mendelssohn, not only was Dave bawling, but so were the two ladies seated in front of us, so we all stood for five minutes and had a good cry. It was so, so good.

- Five weeks later, Independance Day weekend, I went to visit Dave for his birthday.

- About two weeks later I went to the Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette, and spend time with the Ott Lake Rambler, Mrs. Rambler, and what young Ramblers as are left in the house, along with other folkie/college friends. The OLR and I grabbed a few minutes after a storm went through to play three fiddle tunes for his video cam, and they're on YouTube here, here, and here. (It was a little cold, and our hands felt it.)

- Two weeks later, Dave needed a chaperone for a medical procedure, so I was back in Clarksville for that.

- And two weeks after THAT, Dave and I went to Goodlettsville, Tennessee to see the total eclipse of the sun. It was awesomely awesome. I thought I had a photo ready to go for this, but I don't, plus my camera wasn't up to the task anyway. Believe me when I say it was awesome, even from the parking lot of a Kmart which is where we were.

- But, the same weekend, his mother passed away at the age of 94, after about seventeen years in nursing facilites due to dementia.

- Somewhere in there, my blood test numbers fell off a cliff (only they went up not down) and I had to start taking insulin. The last three weeks have been spent trying to get doctors and pharmacies to give me the right prescriptions as we're "titrating" the dosage. Short-term, that's been a frustrating and depressing experience.

- Meanwhile, the rest of the world was ... oh you don't want me to write about that.

- I have over a thousand names in my family tree on Ancestry.com now. Woo-hoo! I know, collecting names is not really the main point of genealogy, but it is kind of fun. Most of my roadblocks are still there, unfortunately.

So that's the summary of a summer and then some. I'm hoping to be writing more regularly now. I doubt I'm going to write every day in November, as I've tried in the past few years, though.

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Oct. 17th, 2017 04:21 pm (UTC)
Why, yes... I do remember you! :-)

I'm glad to hear you made a bit of music at Hiawatha. I look forward to checking out the videos! Sadly, I think my music festival days are behind me, at least for the near future. My trailer is now gone - it was in some disrepair after so many years on Leslie's property. A friend from high school knew of a gent with good repair skills, young kids, and who had fallen on some hard times - she put us in touch, and he's making lots of great memories with his family. (And I don't have a way to tow it, so.. it worked out.)

Deepest condolences to Dave. It sounds like his mom's passing wasn't sudden or unexpected, but I'm sure it hurts all the same.

Back to music - any plans to make any locally? Do I get to hear some of it? Want someone to sing/play along with you? Inquiring minds, y'know...

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