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Not as in demise, just that my writing schedule is untimely. Sorry for the long silence. I've had a difficult time trying to convince myself to write, given the current status of things. I'd wake up in the morning, look at Twitter or listen to radio news, and invariably hear something that made me either shake my head or shout "SON OF A BITCH!" and then any sense of normalcy would disappear. It's hard to write about current events when all you can think is "I cannot fucking beLIEVE this crap." I mean, I could say that about a lot of things, and my readers would understand; it just gets kind of repetitive and redundant after a while. See what I did there? Anyway.

I've been all right, I suppose, except my blood glucose readings fell off a cliff a while ago and now I'm consistently in what the doctor calls an "uncontrolled" state. There will be a test soon to see whether there's a reason for this beyond my lack of discipline with food and exercise. Beyond that, work is, y'know, work, and there hasn't been anything unpleasant happening outside of work.

I haven't been playing music much, but I have been listening and hearing it. A couple of weekends ago I saw one of my heroes, John Gorka, in Ann Arbor, which lifted my spirits considerably. This past weekend I saw Annie Capps and her band in Lake Orion, which was highly entertaining, and she's such a sweetheart it gives me hope in the world, a little bit. The next night, the young and talented Emma Guzman released her first CD to the cheers and rapt attention of a large audience at the Dovetail coffeehouse in Warren, and I was happy to be there. Keep track of her name; she could go places.

The weather has been pretty nice, except when it has been cold and rainy which covers a lot of days in the last few weeks. Not far to the south there was severe weather and summertime warmth, but we had, like, an inch of rain and temperatures suitable to late March only it was the first week of May. Oh well. Weather varies, y'know?

My main escape, which I've been utilizing a lot, is watching my Second Life avatar run around exploring things with his friends or solo, getting into trouble. He got attacked by a werewolf and now he's getting a little shifty, if you know what I mean. Now if only I could get him out of SL and behind my lawn mower, my yard might look a little better....

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