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First there was this:
Fouts wants state probe over landfill, Hackel calls mayor 'my stalker' (Detroit Free Press, 15 Dec 2016) Remember my post from a few weeks ago? Apparently things aren't settled yet. In the middle of this article, there is this quote: " 'I'll deal with my stalker,' [county executive Mark] Hackel said."

Then came this:
Hackel-Fouts battle gets uglier with 'secretly recorded' tape (Detroit Free Press, 16 Dec 2016)
The long-time mayor of Warren, Jim Fouts, is now alleged to have made disparaging remarks about disabled people (as a group) in private phone calls that were surreptitiously recorded and -- surprise! -- found their way into the hands of the county executive, who released them immediately to the media. According to one of the local TV news programs (out of the three mentioned in the story), the county executive got the tapes from someone inside Warren city hall, who has not been identified.

I got home from work this evening to find on my answering machine a recorded call. It started out with the audio from one of the tapes Fouts allegedly is on, and then someone encouraged me to go to the city council meeting tonight to protest. The identity of the person or group leaving my phone message was not identified.

According to the 11:00 news story on Channel 7, it was a pretty wild night at the city council meeting.

I'll say again that I'm no fan of the mayor. But the county executive is looking mighty fishy here. It looks as if he's obviously retalliating, whether the allegations are true or not. He has no legal role in anything Mayor Fouts said if it's shown to be true that he said it -- there's nothing criminal there. So why is he involved? Mind, both Fouts and Hackel are Democrats.

There's also this: Several local officials in the county have already been indicted or chased from office because of bribes or kickbacks to local sanitation contractors. The Fouts-Hackel feud is taking place with this backdrop.


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