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I'm so mad I made a Tweet

As a U.S. citizen I call on @realDonaldTrump to tell truth and respect the people and Constitution of the nation. Starting now!
This is not much. I don't know what any of us could do that would have impact. OK, Jill Stein (and, finally, Hillary Clinton) did call for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Apart from that, millions of us can only sit and gape at the incompetent circus act going on at Trump Tower in New York City. Certainly, almost none of our other elected leaders are saying anything, not even Democrats.

Today's statement by Trump's designated spokesperson that he will change his mind about not prosecuting Hillary Clinton is absolutely heinous. And so is his allegation that millions of voters voted illegally. Journalists are beside themselves. They've never had to deal with someone who so blatantly lies and proposes illegal and unconstitutional actions. They don't even know if their job is to contradict him, because it's never come up before like this. It's one thing that journalists had to dig to find the truth about, say, Watergate. It's another thing when the speaker isn't even trying to cover anything up.

I don't know, maybe if everyone floods his Twitter inbox with complaints and demands for proper behavior, he'd see it, since he seems to want to govern from his Twitter account.

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