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This is the obligatory pre-U.S. Election post that all bloggers must write. You have been warned.
* * * * *
I’m supporting Hillary Clinton for President. This is probably no surprise for regular readers. I want to say why I am, in positive terms, because it has been very easy for all of us to say why we are not voting for one or more of the candidates. If that is all you have to go on, fine, but I believe there are a lot of positives for Ms. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is probably one of the most qualified presidential candidates I’ve seen come along in my lifetime. She has been secretary of state and a senator. As first lady she was an instrumental part of Bill Clinton’s administration, not just the pretty woman in charge of the social niceties. She has a wealth of experience with national and world affairs that no one else running has.

She is a skilled politician. I know it sounds as if I have just mortally insulted her, but the system runs on politics, and she plays the game as well as anyone. (That’s probably why she has as many enemies as anyone.) But not only can she work the system, she can work with her colleagues and come up with pragmatic solutions to problems. One example I can come up with her work during Bill Clinton’s administration on health care reform, which deeply influenced the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). She worked with both main political parties and put together something that, while not exactly what each side wanted, solved some issues that needed solving. The fact that it took till Obama’s administration to make it into law is not her fault.

Finally, she has forty-some years of dedication to public service, not as many think for her self-aggrandizement (though, of course, she didn’t turn down wealth and power, but what presidential hopeful would?), but for the betterment of the country as she and her supporters see it. Her approach has been mostly inclusive and well-informed. She’s dedicated, she’s smart, and she works hard. Any country should be happy with any such like.

* * * * *
I have mild caveats. First, I’ll be honest. About two years ago, I said several times, “Gawd, I’d love Hillary to be president, but if she’s in, the campaign will tear the country apart.” I wished the Democrats had tried to find, I don’t know, maybe someone people didn’t really know well, but who could measure up and build a good campaign that would avoid the bitter rancor Clinton would inspire. This was before we had any inkling that Donald J. Trump could become a serious contender. The campaign has somehow been even more bitterly rancorous than I could have imagined.

Second, I know Hillary Clinton is not a progressive. Oh sure, she looks like a Scandinavian socialist next to the Republican party, but my eyes are not blinded as they were when Barack Obama came to the presidency. I don’t expect truly socialized medicine and a puppy in every home with a Clinton presidency. I would’ve loved a world where Bernie Sanders could be an effective president. That world is not here now. (If you think I’m wrong, then show me the 300 or so fellow progressives or socialists who could be in his Cabinet or in Congress supporting his proposals.)

I do think that, with some cooperation from Congress, Hillary Clinton could continue the good things that America has going for it. Even without Congress’s help, she would still be an effective executive and world leader. That’s why I want to see her as President of the United States.

* * * * *
Today’s weather: Sunny all day, recorded high of 56℉ (13℃) so far at City Airport (DET).

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