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I have somehow managed to book a music night at The Dovetail in Warren for Black Friday, November 25th (co-star to be named soon). Well, ok, I know how, I was there when I asked to play a show. The fact that I asked seems really strange given that I don’t think I've played guitar since the last show I had at the beginning of October.

In a way, playing guitar is something like riding a bicycle is reputed to be, at least as far as the overall gist of things goes. Singing lyrics is a little trickier, since that requires the verbal memory to be a little fresher, but that’s why all the friends my age carry around huge looseleaf binders of songs. The overall problem is, when one doesn’t play terribly often, one doesn’t stay sharp. I don’t know how much of a difference it makes in the “output,” since I have an inability to be objective about a performance. It’s fortunate, I guess, that I’m not attempting huge extravaganzas requiring the ability to sing and dance and be brilliant all at the same time.

So why did I schedule a show? I mean, someone might well ask, “You don’t seem to want to do it, so why do it?” It’s because, at the moment, I kind of want to. I miss it. I wish I could do something somewhat different — different songs, different styles, different instrumentation, I dunno — but I don’t know how to get there yet. Doing something seems better than not doing anything, at least, even if it’s the same stuff I always do. If I play enough between now and then, maybe ideas will come to me. If not, it seems that there may be an audience for what I usually do.

Oh, that means I have to do promotion too, doesn't it? It never stops....

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Today’s high: 60℉ (16℃), starting overcast and humid but becoming sunny by sunset.


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