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Random thoughts Friday

In the last couple of weeks, summer finally gave up its grip on the area and temperatures finally got autumnal. I have put the portable air conditioner partially away, but I haven't put the furniture back "right" in the bedroom because I do not want to tempt Mother Nature.

I turned on the furnace last night for the first time this fall, finally. The furnace did not explode and burn down the house. Does anyone else worry about this, too?

Genealogy has recaptured my attention this week. I pulled together a few old photos out of my family archives to add to Ancestry.com, like this one of my father from September 1965:
Bruce Montney, my dad, with Polaroid Land camera, Sept. '65
I'm hoping someone else finds them useful there, too. And I've been "hole-filling," by which I mean adding dates and other information on people I mostly knew about already. This is kind of addicting, even when it's for people who aren't really directly in my line of ancestry. I have not found any new step-mothers or step-grandmothers, which is somewhat comforting.

I've gotten a skosh more interested in house cleaning and projects lately, even to the point of actually doing some of it. It was wholly enjoyable to see the finished results of scrubbing the bathtub and changing out the moldy mildewed shower curtain and mat. Well, maybe that's just me. That's one of the more tangible results of not being quite so depressed lately, maybe.

I went with my sister's family on the annual apple cider mill trip last weekend. We went to a mill we'd never been to before; it was exceedingly crowded because the weather was perfect, but we had a lot of fun anyway. The kids were fun to watch as they ran around and climbed on things (there was a huge playscape), and there were no tears which is always a plus.

Finally, I came up with the brilliant idea (if I may say so) of creating a YouTube playlist of the fiddle tunes we play when I go up to Marquette in the summer. This is so I can try to get them in my head during the other fifty-one weeks of the year. If for some reason you're curious, here's the link: Fiddle Tunes at Hiawatha.

Here's hoping you all have been doing well. You're looking good!


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Oct. 14th, 2016 11:52 pm (UTC)
It's good to have photos of family.
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