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Down with timelines

I've hit the point where I can no longer slavishly follow my Twitter and Facebook timelines. There are just too many reminders of the real world in them.

I follow no pro-GOP people or organizations (that I know of), but every anti-GOP friend posts about the latest outrageous Republican statement or action, with photographs of the perpetrators, so I cannot avoid them. I cringe whenever I see Trump's face, or McConnell's or Ryan's or Giuliani's or Christie's. It doesn't matter that they're being upbraided in the attached article. There is their image and that makes me want to scream.

There are almost no pro-Democratic messages. Certainly not any about policies.

There are too many well-meaning people — at least I think they're well-meaning — who repeat populist but wrong ideas. One of my late mother's friends reposted a graphic (they never say it in their own words) that said all fifty states should give drug tests to Welfare applicants, as if the program is even called Welfare anymore. I couldn't let this pass without a challenge; I commented that the three states that do testing test thousands and find not even a handful of positives, so it's a waste of money and demonizes the poor. After I hit "send" I thought, Well, that was pointless on my part. It's not that I'm wrong. I could find you the newspaper articles, and so could you. It's just that no one is listening. I could present counterfacts until my face turns blue, and no one wants to hear. They shrug their shoulders and believe what they want to believe.

There's too much stupidity. It's as if we celebrate stupidity, and make it up so we have something to laugh at. I don't want to see true stupidity anymore, especially stupidity where someone gets hurt. Then there's the category of what you think is stupid that probably is not. Case in point: Cargo shorts. What the hell was the casting out of the cargo shorts all about? Were these the descendants of people who in the 1930s said, "Waistcoats r dumb LOL why u wearing that"? NO, because people did not do that, and still do not have to do that.

And I'm getting tired of constant promotion. I'm looking at you, famous libertarian magicians.

And the links to clickbait articles. (10 reasons why Charlie hates timelines...click here!)

And the constant entreaties to reblog or like a cute puppy or kitten or pollywog.

So my Twitter tab is closed. (I rarely keep my FB tab open.) I'll check it later, and given that I'm slightly OCD I will look at every post since the last time I looked. But I will no longer constantly refresh the page waiting for something new and good. Not A Wolf will be there, I'm sure.


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Sep. 8th, 2016 12:56 am (UTC)
You've just given a great explanation of why I stick with LJ! :)
Sep. 8th, 2016 06:37 am (UTC)
Sep. 9th, 2016 04:12 pm (UTC)
As you may have noticed, I'm rarely on Twitter. But much of my promotion communication (for my music, as well as that with Sharon and the band) takes place on Facebook, so I end up spending lots of time there. Every election season, I have to make VERY generous use of the "unfollow" button on FB, so as not to see the staggering amount of shite that gets posted. It takes a lot to get me to downright "unfriend" someone there, but a few folks have been successful in their efforts.

The weird part for me is that I was never a pet or animal person, mostly due to a lifetime of allergies. Yet these days I look forward to the silly animal posts now - just as a nice change from all the vitriol.

Edited at 2016-09-09 04:13 pm (UTC)
Sep. 11th, 2016 03:16 pm (UTC)
John, feel free to go to my FB wall anytime for cute Oakley pics, especially the one in his birthday hat. :)

You know how sometimes something that looks like a tragedy occurs, but it turns out to be a positive? I dumped ice tea on my computer in August. While I was waiting the three or four days for it to dry (only minimal damage--likely need to get the battery replaced, but it's chugging along), I was able to get detoxed from social media. And I am grateful for it. I don't open tabs while I write as part of managing my ADHD, but I can hear the hum of FB and Twitter. I, too, have made generous use of my block and delete buttons. Due to my involvement and work with animals, I'm constantly getting bombarded with frequently gruesome stories about mistreated animals on top of the political BS.

The result is that I can cope with common reality better. It's a much nicer place.

Fran and Oakley (who thinks 10:30 is a good time for lunch)
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