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My friend and onetime collaborator Charles Sanderson (bonezman) passed away unexpectedly over the last weekend of July. Charles and I performed as a duo through much of the 1990s, and his percussion work appears on both of my CDs. He was also the percussion counterpoint to the bunch of guitarists in Big Green X. which included jjfmi. As of early this week, it was thought Charles passed from natural causes. He was 48.

Toward the end of the Big Green X period, he got very close to friends from the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and was involved in specific activities including RESCU. He also made small quantities of absinthe. (!) He also did live sound for shows including Detroit's The Dirty Show.

I don't think I ever thanked him enough for lending his talents to my music. The best I can do now is tell you all that I'm glad he did so. I, along with many others, will miss him.

I borrowed this photo from his LJ; it's from 2006, I think:

There is a GoFundMe page raising money for funeral expenses. There is also a memorial and fundraiser scheduled for Friday evening, August 12th at the Black Lotus Brewing Company in Clawson, Michigan (here's the Facebook page).


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Aug. 8th, 2016 03:13 pm (UTC)

These days of midlife are tricky ones--one one hand, I look forward to this summer being over between the heat and the political circus and the losses and craziness both in the personal and world stages. On the other, there's still so much to make this ride worth it, like dogs and coffee and watching the entire horizon turn pink--not just in the east, but a perfect circle around the sky when the sun wakes up in the morning. And repeats of "Prairie Home Companion," live music, and Ren faires.

Thanks for posting that video of Big Green X over on Book of Faces. I have a twinge of regret that I didn't get to see you guys live. Wishing all who knew him (and I'm looking at you and John) comfort and Charles a safe and peaceful journey.

Fran and Oakley
Aug. 9th, 2016 07:29 pm (UTC)
We had fun and made some good music. We had unfulfilled potential. But doesn't that explain a lot of things? I mean both sentences, actually.

Thank you, Fran and Oakley. *hugs*
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