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I had quite the quiet, unambitious long weekend. I was on holiday both Thanksgiving day and the Friday after, and I had only one commitment, Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's. That went mostly well, until something political came up. That didn't exactly go well, but ... well, I might write about that (in general terms) later. Or not. The dinner was good. I was responsible for supplying vegetables and dinner rolls. I brought a bag of frozen corn and a bag of mixed broccoli-carrots-water chestnuts-pea pods. I was the only one who had any of the latter. *shrug* I took the remainder of those and some leftover turkey home. There was no leftover pumpkin pie, sadly.

Then came my misadventures in Second Life, described previously, notable only because I really really hate "ralphing." All that excitement on Thursday!

Friday, I was at Java Hutt for coffee and internet. Saturday, I was at The Dovetail for coffee and hanging out with James the Writer. In between were several naps. Friday was REI's #OptOutside day, but we had cold drizzle and rain all day, followed by even colder drizzle. At least I wasn't at a shopping mall.

Sunday was the most pleasant, because that was the day I was most awake. I finished my tape archive project by digitizing a few songs that are just plain bad (hey, they can't all be gems). I also pulled out the remaining VHS videos from behind the DVDs. Now the video tapes are in three piles: ones to discard right away, ones that will probably be discarded soon, and ones that I want to try digitizing. Yes, another one of THOSE projects! These are mostly concerts from more than a decade ago. I bought software and hardware that's supposed to let me transfer from my VCR to the laptop. I haven't installed yet, but soon, my preciousssss, soon.....


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Dec. 1st, 2015 06:31 am (UTC)
Admit it. You had Black Friday off to shop...

What software did you get to transfer the VHS to DVD?
Dec. 2nd, 2015 06:45 am (UTC)
It is Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. It has the software plus a connecting cable for the VHS outputs to USB input for the computer. I hope to load it soon and see what I can do.

The box says it will also let you convert LPs and audio tapes to CD, too, though I can do that via other means.
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