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Not only do I have the (almost entirely self-created) pressure of writing thirty LJ posts in November as a poor man's replacement for NaNaWriMo, coming up is my 3,000th Tweet ’ only six Tweets to go. Traditionally, it's a haiku. My haikus haven't always been fine works of art. For example, here's number 2000:

Auspicious number ...
two, comma, three big zeroes:
my two thousandth Tweet

I think I wrote that one because I wasn't Tweeting anything, because nothing good enough for a milestone came to mind. Finally I had to get things moving again.

I can't find Tweet Number 1000. Maybe I have it in a file at home. Anyway... I've been on Twitter for over six years now. The first thousand Tweets took a while, but each of the last two thousands piled up much more quickly. This counts retweets, by the way; no, I haven't written 2,994 original Tweets. In my defense, (1) Some people write real good, and (2) Everyone else is doing it.

Tweet number 3,000 should occur either tomorrow or Saturday, if my current Tweeting rate holds. I will be sure to post it here, too, because I gotta fill up LJ somehow.



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Nov. 20th, 2015 06:00 pm (UTC)
I've thought about creating a Twitter account, but I really don't think I would use it.

I have been Facebook-free for three years now!
Nov. 20th, 2015 11:09 pm (UTC)
There are some entertaining things about Twitter. Also informative, but that can be a problem when the news sources one follows consistently Tweet bad news -- which is all of them, these days.

My favorites include parody accounts. Your dear old queen has one -- well, no, not her, really, but @Queen_UK issues several Tweets a day that I'm sure the actual queen wishes she could say (maybe not the ones about gin, perhaps). I also follow a legendary "base ball" pitcher from the 1880s and Chaucer.

I try to be witty sometimes. And brevity is supposedly the soul of wit, so being limited to 140 characters helps.
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