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Nov. 6th, 2015

It's hard to keep coming up with ideas to write about after twelve years of blogging.

(Sorry. I hope to come up with something more soon. This is just a placeholder.)


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Nov. 7th, 2015 04:58 pm (UTC)
If I may make a few suggestions:

...we have Edmund Fitzgerald Day coming up on Tuesday. Always pertinent.
...how you came to form your relationship with coffee and/or Indian food.
...Who would you like to see perform live that you haven't yet?
...What are you reading outside of work these days?

And in turn, what suggestions do you have for me? I'm struggling with ideas, too. Thanks.


(Oakley and I walked with his friends Zoey, Bonnie, and Kochi alone with their humans, so he's taking a nap right now)

Nov. 8th, 2015 10:47 pm (UTC)
Those are all good ideas. I may actually write about Edmund FItzgerald on Tuesday, in fact. It being the 40th anniversary of the sinking, there's a lot of material going around about it.

I wish I could say I was reading books, but ... well, maybe I touch too many books at work, I dunno. (See below for a cool book I just worked on.)

Suggestions for you ... I'd have to think about that so I could come up with a list anywhere near as good as the list you gave me.
Nov. 7th, 2015 10:18 pm (UTC)
Do you not sometimes write about what's currently on your mind or what you've been up to?
Nov. 8th, 2015 10:43 pm (UTC)
I do, but I haven't been doing much besides working and sleeping. Things have been very routine lately.

Occasionally I get to work on an interesting book at work, as in composing a large-type edition of something that's already in print (or about to be) in regular type. But I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say. Then again, by the time I work on a book, it has already been promoted, so it's no secret to the market. I probably can talk about books in general terms, so long as there is no nondisclosure agreement in place (which is rare). I wouldn't say any book is rubbish, for sure. It would be just cool to say "I got to work on Maggie Smith's new biography today." (Which is actually true, I did that on Thursday; it'll be out in February in large type.)
Nov. 9th, 2015 04:18 pm (UTC)
You. worked. on. MAGGIE SMITH'S BOOK? Jealous!

Nov. 11th, 2015 09:02 pm (UTC)
I did. Our edition is at the proofreader's now. According to Amazon, the regular print edition is due out on Dec. 29, and ours will be out at around the same time (a little after, probably not much after). It was fun to work on a book that I knew would have some interest and that I could actually care about too. I don't care about all the books I work on! Though I always do as good a job as I can, of course.
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