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The Verve Pipe - Overboard

You may remember, a number of years back, a song called "The Freshmen" by a Michigan band named The Verve Pipe (not to be confused with the British band The Verve). "The Freshman" is pretty much their only big hit so far, but they're still around. For their most recent release, they shot a video set on the Lake Superior shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in winter. Most of the performers in the video got pretty cold, I imagine. The guy with the plum role, weather-wise, is sitting in a chair, bundled up, under a light, safely on shore. He had no lines and not much movement, but at least he's not in the water wearing only a dress, as the lead actress is.

Turns out the old guy in the chair is one of my Marquette friends, a retired professor of philosophy. I didn't take one of his classes, which was a bad move on my part, but the Ott Lake Rambler and his missus did, and then became good friends when they moved back to Marquette. He's a colorful character and, of course, extremely learned, and great fun to talk or banter with.

The first time I saw the video was over the shoulders of Missus OLR and their number two daughter, and they were laughing. Well, ok, out of context, most music videos are kind of silly. A week later, I looked it up and sat in my cubicle at work, bawling my eyes out as the song unfolded. So, be forewarned. But do watch it, and listen to the song. The Verve Pipe have not lost it.

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