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As the computer turns

In the comments of my previous post there was some discussion of tattoos. I wanted to write about mine, since there's a little bit of a story to it. But ... here's where the excuses come in, of course ... I'd need a photo of the tattoo, right? And my camera is working, but it only connects to the Win7 laptop, not the WinXP desktop (I think because the memory card in the camera is too new for WinXP). And the laptop had to go in for service on Monday. So I can take a photo, but I can't get it out of the camera until the laptop is fixed. So, unless I use an old photo of the tattoo, which I'd rather not do that, it'll be a while for the story of my tattoo. Next week, maybe.

The laptop developed this interesting quirk of running for between one and ten minutes, then freezing up while a psychedelic plaid pattern filled the display. Neither trackpad nor keyboard registered, and I would have to cold boot the thing. Sometimes it would restart fine, other times not, regardless of what repairs or diagnostics I could run. I don't know enough to fix things like this, so off it went and we'll let a geek deal with it. Worth noting, too, is that the battery had reached the end of its useful life, too, and needs replacement.

The laptop woes mess up my life a little, because there's no more sitting on the couch or in a coffeehouse with it until it's repaired. Good thing my desktop is still working, even if it's nine or ten years old itself and the hard disc is something like 80% full. But the desktop isn't very portable, so I'm stuck in my office/music room/clutter room if I want to do computer stuff. (I may have to take my work laptop home this weekend, but don't tell anyone....)


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