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I took the weekend off from the Five Perfect Songs challenge, so the next one will be tomorrow.

The show I played in at the Dovetail on Friday night went very well. I can pick apart my own performance, of course, but it overall went pretty well and people seemed to like it. The other three performers were excellent too. We had a small glitch when the last guy was running late, so I acted as impromptu emcee and ran a short open mic. It was a fun night.

I got two good things out of it: practice in performing live again, and practice being outgoing and interacting with the audience and the other performers. It had been a year and a half since my last show, and I had kind of slipped into a cave, metaphorically. I'm glad I came out of the cave this weekend.

With that behind me, now I have to deal with the holiday season. I'm totally flatfooted again, as with every other year: nothing done about decorating, shopping, greeting cards, or even digging up a couple of grains of holiday cheer to get myself going. Fortunately, my nephew and his family are hosting the Big Day this time, so I could severely minimize my activities if I wanted to. But I'd miss having lights and decorations up, and I have to shop anyway. We'll see. Unfortunately it's a relatively short season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so there isn't that much time. Maybe this year I'll actually order things through the Internet. Whoa, what a concept....


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Dec. 8th, 2014 03:10 am (UTC)
Better hurry with the Christmas stuff! Only 18 days till Christmas!
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