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That was another week that was

I have to admit that Reddit managed to displace my LJ time last week. On a couple of evenings, it would be 11:30 p.m. and I would realize I hadn't read anything on LJ, let alone posted. Mind, it's not as if I'm posting anything on Reddit, either; I'm still trying to get my sea legs there. But there is a lot to read there. I sometimes think that Reddit is what Usenet was once as far as useful and interesting content without a lot of spam.

I only managed a couple of useful things over the weekend, but one of them was getting the air conditioning in the car recharged. That was the last part of the work necessary from my a/c breakdown in Findlay, Ohio last month. It's nice to have a cool car without having the windows down. I don't enjoy high wind noise in my ears at 70 mph.

Yesterday I went for a drive, hoping to find photo locations. I didn't get out of the car much, though, because I'd left the house too late in the day and I was starting to think about dinner. I drove around Wetzel State Recreation Area, which is near where I lived when I went to middle and high school. The park has been under development for a long time but now has a nature trail, some restored wetlands, and a radio-controlled aircraft field. The latter doesn't interest me much, but I want to give the trails a try. I think I heard a sora rail yesterday while I was in the parking lot looking at the park signs and posters, though that's doubtful enough that I would've had to go looking for it.

The rest of the week was pretty routine at work. Still not doing much at home that doesn't involve staring at a computer screen for hours and hours. I got to the gym three times, which I'm happy about.

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