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LiveJournal Year in Review for 2013

In 2013, I resolve to: Develop a machine that humanely transforms boring but abundant birds (house sparrows, starlings) into interesting birds (song sparrows, wood thrushes). I've reached 30 days in my self-photo project, and I'm calling it a wrap there. Mom's still incarcerated, no, sequestered!
Here's a trick from the Michigan legislature that you may not have heard about, especially if your only exposure is national news media. [....] Resurfacing after six and a half weeks.... I'm at Dave's house for the weekend. My mother gave her computer desk to me in the spring. It's almost fall here, not according to the calendar, and not consistently, but we've had some very nice but cool days with that certain smell in the air. From my last post, you'd probably think I had big plans of breaking into the record biz with all this money and all these people doing marketing and stuff for me. Remember a couple of years ago when I posted every day in November? On my way to Java Hutt today, I passed the district court building in Ferndale.

That's the first sentence from the first LJ entry each month, except for May which was the first whole month I had missed making any posts at all since I started. The LJ year in review is kind of a meme, though not as popular as, say, cat photos.

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