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More everyday life, including waiting

1. Mom is having a medical procedure today that will probably result in a stent placed in one of her carotid arteries, which is mostly blocked and thus she has a risk for a severe stroke. I think the hospital should give her a procedure free for all the business she's given them in the last four years. Frequent flier miles, at least. Anyway, I'm in the outpatient cardiac waiting room, waiting.

2. Apparently Matt Lauer of the Today Show now has facial hair. So does Al Roker. In other news, I really don't like The Today Show, but it's what's on the waiting room TV. I'd put headphones on, but I want to hear my name if the nurse calls it.

3. I am absolutely, totally nowhere as far as Christmas shopping goes this year. Ditto Christmas cards. It has been impossible to get anything done between Mom's medical adventures and depression. I'm considering getting a handful of twenty-dollar bills and throwing them under the tree. But then I'd have to keep my 1 1/2-year-old great nephew from eating his twenty.

4. I watched part of Life on Fire: Icelandic Volcanoes last night. Now I want to go to Iceland, not so much because I want to be in a volcanic eruption, but because it's very pretty. Also, Icelandic horses.

5. I've seen a few interesting articles on websites lately, but I'll put links to those in a separate entry; might draw more comments on them that way.



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Dec. 19th, 2013 06:48 pm (UTC)
comment . . .
Yeah for facial hair! ( 8^)~~~

Boo hiss for forced TV watching!

At the clinic Karen and I go to
they have a 5 year old McDonald's
video on Food Choices! =P

I know where the power button
is so I quietly turn it off . . .

My wife is making Christmas cards ! ! !

Send your mom my love . . .

Oh,in the real world
I'm Rev. Richard Kent Stimson
Ordained Universal Life Church Minister
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