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So much for the weekend

Also, so much for my post-a-day November. Ah well.

The main event for the weekend was a birthday party for my No. 2 Great Niece, Katy, who turned 4. Saturday was spent with Mom procuring gifts, and today was the actual party at my house. In between, I had to clean the house. One could argue that the parents should've had their child's party at their house, but they at least supplied the dinner.

Katy has developed a healthy interest in, among other things, Hello Kitty. That's pretty old-school geekery, right? I got her a big Kitty in a tutu, Mom got her a little Kitty, and my sister got her Kitty pajamas as well as a special-order Hello Kitty cake. This house had so many big pillow-headed cats it was just beyond cute.

Of course there was cake and ice cream, because it was a birthday party, but it led to all three small children then going completely apeshit wild, running around in circles in the living room, high on sugar. I think we need to serve something like hot dogs for dessert next time — not any healthier, but a lot less stimulating and maybe quieter.

Everyone left a couple of hours ago. I got about half of the dishes washed (and filled up the dishwasher, so round two will be tomorrow), and took some ibuprofen, and now am relaxing with a little libation. I love my family, but I'm kinda glad we don't do this every day.


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