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First workout report in a while

It's gym night. I see a trainer two nights a week, and I usually go on Saturdays by myself. I've had this schedule over two and a half years now. I started with a different trainer; she left to go to another gym after about a year. My present trainer is an older guy with a very sensible approach to things. We've settled on workouts that focus more on "toning" and endurance than bulking up, since clearly I have enough bulk and getting more would be pretty much disastrous in a lot of ways.

The exercises are mostly high reps, low weights. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sometimes wonder how heavy I could bench press or something like that, but I think what my trainer has me do is sensible. If you do enough reps, the muscles still burn with a low weight, and they still strengthen. Today my biceps and triceps are still a bit sore from Tuesday's workout, and that's actually a satisfying feeling. I do wonder how they'll handle tonight, though. :) Naw, I don't, really.

The one frustrating thing is, I can only see the improvements in my arms and legs, for the most part. That's because I'm having difficulty in fixing my diet. I weigh only a few pounds less than when I started going, though the weight is at least not hanging as badly around my midsection as it was. For a while, my previous trainer was hammering me about my diet, and I made some progress then, but I was miserable doing it so I couldn't keep with it. At least I feel like I'm in better shape to heft my bulk around. (What a positive spin, eh?) I know what works, but making the changes required is pretty daunting given what else I'm handling these days. I hope I can get past that soon.

Just being active is a very good thing. Going to the gym is a great break from all the sitting around I do. I'm glad to be sticking with it. It's going better than any other gym effort I've done over the last couple of decades.



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Nov. 16th, 2013 08:53 am (UTC)
You're doing great!
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