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Wolves in Michigan, the latest installment

The Marquette Mining Journal reports pretty consistently about wolves and regulatory efforts since they've been removed from the federal Endangered Species List. In DNR officials urge both sides in debate to back off Wolf hunt, their reporter explains how the state Department of Natural Resources urges people for and against wolf hunting to "back off" and let the current wolf management plan work for a while before demanding changes. Even though the plan was created with input from diverse groups, there is a faction that seems to want a hunting season NOW, and a faction that wants hunting for any reason banned. The current laws and regulations allow for the possibility of a recreational hunt, but none is currently scheduled.


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Jan. 31st, 2013 06:51 pm (UTC)
"Premature and ill-advised" describes the bill crammed through in lame duck session, and the NRC's already evident rush to implement a 2013 wolf season.

There are those on one side that say we need to have recreational hunting and we need it right now. A desperation just for the principle, to establish tattering wolf packs with random hunting knowing in advance this will only reduce depredation by the same amount as the proportion of wolves killed, while targeted methods are much more successful, to desensitize people to wolves being killed for recreation and enjoyment. To establish they aren't individual creatures but only replaceable cogs, ignoring their packs and society.

The NRC need only come up a wolf management plan acceptable to Michigan's voters if this petition is submitted with enough signatures, and they need not worry about the vote. Otherwise we will suddenly find out what "scientific management" means and no voters can change things until 2014. They don't see any difference between managing a social species with no natural predator like wolves and the many game animals that are in all ways designed to compensate for predation.

They say so.
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