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2012 LiveJournal Year in Review

I hereby resolve in 2012 to... Create a language that uses the 14 letters not used in the Hawai'ian language. "They use you up": Hall of Famer Dorsett suing NFL. Excellent article in BBC's news Magazine on LiveJournal, its history with the Russians, and where things stand politically, found from LJ's own Twitter account. So my pathetic excuse for not posting in a while is, I've been ill. I mean, this isn't even the most egregious example, you can kinda see how it might happen, but still. My family was over at my house for my nephew's birthday party today. We've had four rounds of thunderstorms in the last two days, each one causing a certain number of power outages, so that by the time the last one came through early this afternoon over 300,000 utility customers had lost power. I need to write something just so I don't keep seeing my ugly mug at the top of my journal. The week started with my sister's birthday. In case you thought I was making stuff up about Garfield in fishing waders.... I did get to the Detroit Zoo with Dave last Saturday. Wow, that would hurt, wouldn't it?

This the first sentence (approximately) from the first post each month in my LJ. See last year's for maybe a slightly less odd example (I mean, I don't write posts specifically for this feature, which explains the huge sentence halfway through.)


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Dec. 27th, 2012 11:12 am (UTC)
Hope you're feeling better now?
Dec. 27th, 2012 06:45 pm (UTC)
Oh sure. That was so long ago, I had time to get food poisoning again! Don't know why my vittles were rebelling on me so much this year...
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