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Something for creative types

I'm not an artist, in the sense of being a painter or drawer or sculptor, which I think is what most people think of as artists. But I am a musician, a photographer, and a writer, and therefore I'm into creativity and things that promote it. I have found a few things over the years that are intended to be uplifting to visual artists, and I think they're mostly good for all creative sorts. This is because the biggest issue for people in any creative endeavor is not the mechanics of the art but the mental aspect—getting past the it sucks/it'll never work/I suck bit. For some reason, I've seen more of this sort of motivational literature geared toward visual artists than for musicians and photographers. So I just make it work for myself.

I was poking around at the Tumblr site of the creator of "Finn & Charlie Are Hitched", Kiss Me, You Big Dork, which is a good site in itself. Tony Breed is the one who created that fitness and body image piece I linked to a few days ago. A few weeks ago he linked to a series being presented at doodlealley.com. Tony linked to Be Friends with Failure, but don't stop there as there's a whole series on Doodle Alley that creative types should see. Check out the menu on the left side, under the heading "On Improvement."

This reminded me of a poster I bought years ago. It's another one of things that seems intended for visual artists but should apply to anyone creating anything. I took a photo of it (it's not on the wall at the moment, because I don't know where to put it):

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