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It's the only body you'll ever have

The creator of one of my favorite web comix, Finn & Charlie are Hitched, has also created a comic about body acceptance. Go ahead and take a look, especially if you aren't all that happy with how you look. Sure, a lot of it is about doing things that could change one's body, but the last bit is maybe the punchline: "Fake it till you make it." Let's face it, it's your body, but it's you, and how good can it be hating you? Now think of all the people out there who don't appear to be hung up because they're skinny or fat or whatever. They're probably not flaunting their so-called flaws. They're just being themselves. And that's ok.

So that's why I decided to put on a tighter t-shirt when I left the house today. Hey, I would've gone shirtless, but it's 50 degrees out there and I don't have that much fur. Seriously, I usually wear very baggy shirts, which aren't all that attractive and don't really hide much. (I have this shirt on, which I just realized was a bit baggier when I wore it a year ago, approximately fifteen pounds baggier. I've backslid seriously in the last six months, but that's a topic for another day.) I've been running into some cognitive dissonance about my body lately, and I thought maybe this might be a way to work on it. So far, no one at Java Hutt has snickered and pointed at my protuberant belly, so all is good. I'm still working out; you can accept your body and still try to improve it. (Plus, my doctor will yell at me if I don't, or at least give me disapproving looks.)

Anyway, go look at the links in the first paragraph, especially the second one. There's useful info in there.

Edited to add: How that t-shirt looks today. Yeah, it's not really all that tight, but it's tighter than I usually like.
November 18, 2012


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