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Unearthing my old music

If you have been enthusiastic in changing your clocks, you can easily pretend this was posted on Nov. 3. (Only works in America and maybe Canada.)

From time to time I get seized by off-the-wall projects. This weekend, the project that has seized me involves cassette tapes. Lots and lots of audio cassettes recorded over the last 28 years, mostly of my music. Some of it is complete songs that I'd forgotten about (both inadvertent and willfully), and some of it were works in progress whose progress has stopped. The ones I'm working with are far from pristine — the tapes were from discount stores and the recording equipment was a deck I bought while in college before I got my first four-track cassette deck. So they're a little rough. If they were only slightly better they could be considered lo-fi. But it's been fun. I'm transferring some tracks to a CD-RW so I can make a permanent archive. Why, it's hard to say. Because it's possible, at least.

There have been a few interesting bits so far from the nine pieces I've dubbed so far. Some of the guitar playing is pretty intricate, more so than I usually attempt these days. The lyrics are, well, different from my more recent tunes. The influences are an odd mash-up of John Denver and late-70s AM-radio pop-rock. They're kind of good and kind of frightening at the same time.

I doubt any of this stuff will get released to the public in any way. It's just so raw. There might be a song or two that I would consider re-recording after a little tweaking of lyrics. Maybe. I'm going to try to build up a disc of all my mid–1980s composition. It'll be interesting to me, at least. If you know of them, my songs "All I Ever Wanted" (which is on There's Gotta Be a Road) and "Superior" (from Another Road) are from this period.


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Nov. 5th, 2012 02:54 pm (UTC)
Charlie, if you're compiling a "Charlie's Lost Tapes" volume, I have hours of cassette (and possibly a few digital file) recordings from Xhedos/AJ's from over the years. If you're in the mood to peruse them, I'll make them available to you. Be forewarned - your performances are likely mixed in with other open mic performers from that particular evening. On the upside of that, some of those performances also feature those by Mike Dorn, Sean Fitz, and a few others from that era. :-)
Nov. 5th, 2012 05:25 pm (UTC)
That's actually how this started; I went through some CDs that were made at Xhedos/AJ's over the years for a slightly different project, and then remembered that before you made CDs for the performers you made tapes for them ... and then I jumped clear back to the way-back stuff from 1984–85 which got me distracted (squirrel!). Thanks for offering, John... I'm curious. I know there may be recordings that I don't have.
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