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Follow up on my poll plus weekend plans

Anyone else notice an increase in the number of spam comments in their LJ lately? I've been deleting one or two every day this week.

Thanks for the responses to the etiquette poll. I'll add my answer when I'm done with this post; it'll be the "Nothing, just quietly wonder..." reply. I appreciate the "Send back a personal message" reply, and I've done that, in part to model what I'd really like to get from people (as well as finding out what they're doing). But it hasn't had that effect; I still never get a friendly letter, just another forward later. Thing is, I've been online long enough that (1) I've seen a lot of forwards several times already and (2) If I really wanted them, I could go find them. I have to admit, my dislike of things like this, especially when there are a lot of photos or videos embedded, comes from the days when I was the last of my friends on dial-up and such messages were painfully slow to download.

Besides, sometimes these forwards are sent to everyone on the sender's address book, so it never was meant to be a personal contact in the first place. So ... they oughta get a blog, really.

Anyway, enough of that. In other news, Dave is coming up today for the weekend. I hope we can get to the zoo to look at the baby red panda, but the weather is going to turn bad tomorrow. We've been 10 degrees (F) above normal for most of the week, but from tomorrow it'll be 10 degrees below normal with rain. Wonder if l'il Sherman has a webcam?

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