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That was the week that was

The week started with my sister's birthday. We had a nice time at her house, and her husband grilled tasty chicken, and there was cake and ice cream. My great-nephew seems really fascinated with me, for some reason (but then he's only 4 1/2 months old; he doesn't really know how much cooler people can get). From that peak, it declined precipitously with the news that recording artist and Renaissance Faire bard Owain Phyfe passed away. I first met him, not at Faire, but at the Four Green Fields open mic hosted by Jim Perkins in 1993. Nineteen years ago, almost, although I hadn't seen him in a few years because I haven't been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in a few years. It hurts, big time.

In between, I added some leaves to the ol' family tree. I managed to find more great-grandparents, and filled in cousins and cousin-once-removed in the latter day branches. I need to find sources to prop some of these additions up, and maybe will even need to talk to people. "Hello, I think I'm your second cousin, can I talk to you about our ancestor?" I guess some people wouldn't find that awkward....

There were also a couple of workouts, a couple of doctor appointments (one for me, one for my mother), four days of work with a bit of drama (don't ask). I made a point of watching Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, which underlined the reasons why I support him for another term. It was the only hour I watched of either convention, but really I've been ready to vote for a year now (and we still have two months to go *cries*).

Well, maybe I'll write something besides a diary post sometime in the next week. We'll see.


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