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Interesting bit here about what one could do to improve how one looks in Google's search results: Mashable.com has an infographic titled Here’s How to Appear Higher on Google Search Results. Oh, go on, admit you have Googled yourself. Maybe you like what you see, maybe you don't. If you happen to not like what you see, this might be able to help. The infographic was compiled by one of the websites that's mentioned on the graphic, which I sense is trying to get more people to notice them. It's still interesting info with mentions of web-places I'd never really heard of. There are a lot of tools out there beyond the obvious ones like Facebook and LinkedIn. The goal is to get your own creations as high up in the search results list as you can, so you can control your online reputation.

Of course, I think the big question is, do you have a need to be seen in a positive or better way in search results? I'm still trying to answer that question, myself. I went through some of the sites mentioned in the infographic, then looked at a few representive pages from users on those sites. Most of them were small business people — designers, photographers, web developers. Haven't found many that were from brain-dumpers, which is pretty much what I've been. I think that signifies a trend toward the Web as a business venue that I'm fully realizing only a few years after it started.

(Two posts in one day, incredible!)


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