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Sudden nothing

We've had four rounds of thunderstorms in the last two days, each one causing a certain number of power outages, so that by the time the last one came through early this afternoon over 300,000 utility customers had lost power. Last I checked, they had reconnected a third of that; progress is happening, slowly. My workplace lost its electricity due to storms at around 5 a.m. today, so I ended up with an unplanned day off. I could've worked, if I had brought my Mac home on Tuesday night, but I don't usually bring it home during the week. I might have to rethink that approach.

A sudden day off — what a boon, yes? I had a day off yesterday for the Independance Day holiday, but my family came for a birthday party, so it wasn't exactly a free day. Today, I could do anything, right? Well... turned out to be difficult to capitalize on. I managed to go online and buy my ticket for the Hiawatha Music Festival, which comes up in a couple of weeks. And I renewed my New York Times digital subscription; my gift subscription expired last week with no notice (bad move, NYT). And ... mostly just hid from the weather. We had another storm go through around noon, and then I expected the temperature to get hot again, so I just stayed in near the air conditioner. It didn't get hot, though it did get humid.

If I had advance warning, I might've been able to get some car service done, or plan to do one of the other things on my lengthy to-do list. Or maybe my brain isn't as flexible as it might be. I was all set to go to work and make some books, and didn't shift gears. I hear people can do that. Then again, maybe I needed a very low-key day.

I'm going to the gym tonight, though, so some of my routine will be fulfilled and that'll probably make me happier. And the office is supposed to get power back this evening, according to the utility company's online map. Just in time for Friday.

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