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I, um, don't know what to say. May has been kind of a bad month for me and LJ. I haven't been anything like prolific on Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter, either. I have social media writer's block, I guess. I'm not sure I can fully explain it. Clearly, writing a post on LJ about not writing LJ posts is not a sign of originality or creativity, either.... Life has been pretty much average with the exception of the new guitar. I am playing it more often than I had been playing the others over the last few weeks and months. It's interesting to see how songs from my repertoire lay on the new guitar. I'm still figuring out which ones are best served by doubling the number of strings.

Beyond that, there's work and Mom and gym and that's about it, no real news on any of those fronts, well, none that I care to share at least. (Especially about work. Discretion is the better part of entertainment there.) I'm taking my mom to a family wedding this coming weekend, kind of a whirlwind tour (down Friday, back Sunday). There have been enough rumblings in various family subgroups percolating through Facebook lately that if we get to the other side of the wedding with no explosions, that'll count as a success. ;-) But that's not something I would write about even if I knew enough to do so, which I don't (not even about what's going on in my own subgroup).

A lot of my issue here seems ADD-related. I'm not claiming a medical diagnosis here or anything. It's just that it seems easier to open another browser window and look for something new and shiny and less challenging than to focus on writing even comments or replies. So eventually I have nine tabs open and I've looked at everything and ... now what? Not only is this dissipating any mental focus I might want, it's actually getting boring. Jaded isn't fun, folks.

Plus, if I got serious about writing again, what would I write, specifically? What goals would I have? The ideas I've had are all over the map. And who's going to read it anyway? This is all something that might need to be revisited later, as is the question "What good are Facebook statuses and Tweets, anyway?".

Mostly, I just wanted to put one more post here before the end of May to show I'm still here. So.... hi!


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May. 31st, 2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
I'll read it.

I've been having difficulty in writing lately. Between work, commuting and domestic stuff, life is full, but there doesn't seem to be much folks would want to read about.

I guess all I can do is write what I feel like writing and when I feel like writing it. Worrying about people who probably won't read it anyway doesn't help.
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