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Leventhal and Louisville in GALO Magazine

Somewhere on Twitter* I found a link to GALO Magazine, Global Art Laid Out, and an interview with John Leventhal, producer and musician who works with many fine singer/songwriters, not the least of whom is his wife Rosanne Cash. Fascinating interview; one bit about how he works with the songwriter to build the arrangement around them made me think "Aw man, I would love to experience that." I confess that my usual level of control-freakyness plus social anxiety always make me think it would never work, which explains in large part why I try to do it myself. But it might be very cool indeed to hear what someone else thinks one of my songs could sound like in the studio. Not only that, I now need to go find a copy of Rosanne Cash's The List (2009), an album of songs selected from a list her father gave her of the 100 essential songs, which Leventhal produced.

Then at the bottom was a link to the previous articles on the website, Chronicles of the Indie Scene in Louisville, Kentucky parts 1 and 2. I haven't read it all yet, but I will, and then I will drag Dave out to hang out with the hipsters on Bardstown Road next weekend. Or something. (Actually we're probably doing Thunder, but from the Indiana side so we don't have to deal with crowds and bridge crossings.)

(* Oh yeah, it was from Rosanne Cash's Twitter feed, @rosannecash. She's good at this Twitter thing; I like her Tweets lots.)

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