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So your caviar isn't chilled properly, eh?

In case Mitt Romney is reading, I offer this: Cracked.com: 6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying. The point is not that rich people shouldn't be rich. It's just that sometimes they say things that, probably inadvertently, point out that their situation is, shall we say, a little different, when doing so probably hurts their case. It's been happening a lot in the course of this so-called "class war" that people talk about here in the last year or so.

I read more of the comments than I should've. There were a few commenters who needed to read the article before they commented, because they fell into one of the six categories described, probably without meaning to. And there were a few commenters who needed to read the article before they commented, because they thought the article was saying something it didn't really say. There were quite a few logical leaps there where the logical drawbridges weren't down, shall we say. It indicates that the discussion of the differences between wealthy and poor in America is turning into a difficult one, like discussions involving race.

The thing is, we all have our frames of reference, and we have to work hard to get beyond them. When we do, it's easier to see how an innocent remark might make you look like a jerk to those who'd love to have your "problems" instead of theirs. It could apply to a lot of areas besides money: education, athletics, artistic talent, probably a lot more. I probably can't give examples from my own experience without falling into the same trap. All I'll say is, it pays for people who have a particular fortunate position to be careful not to rub it into the faces of others.


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