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Update on a lot of things

First, the weather: It's snowing today. It's supposed to be done by 4 p.m. according to the National Weather Service. (It's still snowing, though. Hm. Well, they don't know.) This is my backyard.

The building with no siding off to the left is the garage of the abandoned house. This week, orange temporary fencing was erected around the front yard, and yesterday a utility contractor was marking the location of the gas and water lines. This implies that things are about to be done, perhaps things of a destructive nature. One can hope.

After I got the letter from my doctor's office saying the MRI on my back came back "normal," I made an appointment to see why my pain and numbness levels weren't normal. Turns out that the letter was in error, and I actually have three herniated discs in the lumbar and my sacro-iliac (cue Fifties-era jokes here). The prescription is physical therapy, which I'm trying to get booked.

I have been keeping a "food log" at the request of my trainer, and she saw the first week ... when she came back through the roof, she informed me Changes needed to be made. I actually have made the changes, and maybe more. Her first specific instruction was no fast food. I'd gotten kind of lazy in that regard. So there has been no McDonald's or even Tim Horton's in my rounds this week. I stopped at Subway yesterday, but had one of their low-fat sandwiches so I don't think it's so bad. I've eaten breakfast before work and prepared dinners at home, and had a salad every day at work.

Mentally I have had a hard time with it. I'm still at the point where eating better means way more denial than "opportunity," especially since I really don't want to cook. Between that and the pain from the back/hip/leg/foot, I have been a growly sad old bear. On the other hand, I think I lost something like five pounds. Someday I will look back and laugh, I'm sure.

Other than that, I've been in love with the Decemberists' album The King Is Dead. It's like R.E.M. and Blue Rodeo and a good old Celtic rock band and poetry. There must be something in the water in Portland. Either that or Colin Meloy must've swiped some extra words from Dave Carter a decade or so ago. What's more, Dave (my Dave, not Tracy's) says that the predecessor album is "breathtaking," which is a word he previously only used with Mahler, Bruckner, and Shostakovich. I can't wait to hear that.


Jan. 30th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
Wishing you success at losing weight.

I love classical music, myself....
Jan. 30th, 2012 09:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I better have success, because it isn't a lot of fun, from the perspective of food.

My mom raised us kids on some classical music, but only in the last ten years or so have I been a more serious listener. A big reason is having a relationship with someone who was the music director for a classical radio station. We've gone to concerts together and he's gotten me CDs to enjoy. I've become a Mozart fan, along with Mahler and Shostakovich. Still like Tchaikovsky a lot; the 1812 Overture makes me melt 45 years since I first heard it.

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