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Those things with pages and ink?

Projects, yes... Out of all the options I alluded to a few days ago, I picked a project to work on that might almost be pointless, though it's kinda fun. A while ago I envisioned a sort of "proof of concept" project: I wanted to create a book of fiction and/or poetry, just to see how it went, and maybe show to certain friends who do this sort of thing without the benefit of layout software and print-on-demand websites. Recent conversations revealed to me that the latter aim would be pretty much a waste of time; the people I was thinking of have perfect knowledge that they know someone who can do this, but don't care. They'll never want help. So I'm doing the project for myself, mostly as a training exercise in InDesign.

It consists of a short story or two and a few poems. Everything I've selected so far is from the 1990s. I can't say I think terribly highly of the stuff, to be honest. I write well; I mean, the mechanics are fine. I'm not sure these things say anything worth reading, is all. They'll look like paragraphs and verses, and for all intents they'll make an example of a book. Certainly better than pages of lorem ipsum. I just doubt there's a need to make copies of it. So why do it?

If for no other reason, I'm doing it because I like to explore software, and I'm able to design as well as lay out the text — I don't really get to design at work, since we largely work with templates and editions of already-published works (e.g. annual directories). I'm using my own works because there are no copyright issues and they're here at hand (no scanning or keyboarding anything). In the end, I might just make a PDF and let it go at that, but I might go a step further and upload it to a site that prints on demand. One copy wouldn't be terribly expensive, from what I've seen of prices. My nephew's wife's brother (follow the bouncing ball here) has a page on qoop.com with poetry books he's written. There are other websites of course.

If I really wanted to do a book that I'd be OK with other people looking at or even wanting, there's my lyric book for the first two CDs. I'm hung up at the moment with how to get chords over the words; that appears to be a very manual process, which is totally unappealing. But maybe I'll do that next, if I don't get pulled in another direction first.



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Jan. 9th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC)
It's good to have creative abilities, and be able to do new and interesting things with them.

I need to do more with my own creative abilities, myself.
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