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Road trip!

I'm on my way to visit Dave for the weekend. At the moment I'm in Sidney, Ohio, having just scarfed down an Angus burger at McD's. I usually go to the McD's in Wapakoneta, about 20 miles north of Sidney. That outlet has so far resisted the yuppification most McDonald's outlets are undergoing, and thus keeps the really cool space theme they've had there since Neil Armstrong came back home from the moon. I would've gotten pictures this time, really. But as I was driving past Wapak (as the town is affectionately known), I was engrossed in Mike Dorn's album Way Gone, and I didn't want to interrupt the musical flow. "Side 2" of the tape (which I've dubbed onto CD-R, but I remember the breaking point) is one of my favorite sequences of songs on record; it's kind of dark and ends in the Mikey song with the saddest association for me, "Where Everybody's Gone." That was the last song he sang just before he handed the open mic hosting duties at Gotham City Cafe over to me in 1996.(Maybe 1995? I don't remember now.) I mean, he handed the duties over in mid-show, after summarizing, perhaps inadvertently, why it was time to go. Where do I go from there, I thought after pulling myself together. Anyway...

So I'm in Sidney, in a McDonald's that has no cool space theme or yuppification, but it does have wi-fi so there ya go. It's about time to get back on the road. Due to the closure of a bridge on the west side of metro Louisville, I'm going through Indiana just so I don't get caught in the traffic jam on the one open bridge in downtown Louisville. The nice side effect is, I will miss the hell that is traffic in Dayton and Cincinnati. Awwww. That means I won't have to care about traffic reports, so I can keep listening to CDs. I think the next one is Richard Shindell's South of Delia. So, if anyone sees a shaggy longhair in a gray Stratus on I-70 between Dayton and Indianapolis, wave hi or at least don't run me over.


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Nov. 19th, 2011 01:52 am (UTC)
Enjoy your visit with Dave!

I wish you pleasant journies!
Nov. 19th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Jerry. The trip bogged down going around Indianapolis, where traffic funnels down to a very inadequate cloverleaf from the bypass onto the main route south. I lost maybe a half-hour there, on a route that was already an hour longer than the usual. Ah well... still got in town in enough time to go have a very fine Mexican dinner.
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