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Missed a day! Oh noes!

There goes getting my certificate at the end. Rats. (What do you mean, "What certificate"?)

Yesterday was kinda weird. I don't want to blame the time change, but maybe that was the problem. I woke up earlier than I expected to, so I tried going to the gym in the morning, something I hadn't done before. That turned out pretty well, actually; I got my upper body all worked out. Then I made a good breakfast. But after that the day started roller-coastering. The best part was time spent with my mom over dinner. The time on my own just didn't work out so well. I had two naps — ok I know people who think one nap is good and two is better, but it just didn't really seem like the sort of day I'd need two naps. I tried cleaning the gutters, but I don't have a tall enough ladder, nor do I have the intestinal fortitude it takes to get up higher on a ladder anyway. (I might call a handyman for this.) So I gave up that and tried to rake leaves, but it was too windy for that. After coming back from Mom's, and nap number two, I just read the Sunday paper.

In between all that was a lot of online time, mostly spent going through Flickr pages. One of my favorite Flickr activities is, when someone favorites a photo of mine, I go looking through that person's other favorites. I latched onto a couple of good collections this weekend, good in quality and extensive in quantity. They made me think more about photography and trying to do some creative things with lighting and such. I didn't manage to try anything yesterday because I needed too many naps. But maybe sometime soon, I will.

So that's my catch-up post. I might write another one today because the software I need to do book composition is not working this morning. Someone probably changed a setting and didn't realize there was an entire department that might've cared about that. It's happened before. Grrrr.


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