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LJ issues, redux, again, etc.

I'll throw this out first: Web Will Win in Cyber War. It's the biggest article I've seen on the DDoS attack LJ faced in late July 2011. The article states that the attack was constructed so that it eventually affected Qwest and Verizon, who provide services to LJ. This was in addition to targeted attacks on Russian users known to criticize the central government and another component that affected LJ's servers. It doesn't say how the attacks affected the parts of Qwest and Verizon that aren't dedicated to LJ service; were non-LJ users affected? Qwest and Verizon are big companies.

I've probably said this before, as I've written a few times about LJ and the possibilities of a post-LJ life: I'd much rather keep my blog here, as nothing else replicates the community of readers that's here. Services like Blogger and WordPress are fine for all other features, but it seems to me that it's not as easy to go from one user to another to another in the way it's possible in LJ. I read several LJs that I am not formally a "friend" of, and what makes this possible is reading one LJ, then reading that writer's friends list, and thus discovering the interesting people they know. This might be possible on other blog hosts, but it doesn't seem as easily facilitated.

The blog sites based on LJ's code, such as Dreamwidth, would facilitate this community of readers, if they had the number of users that LJ has. If everyone went to Dreamwidth, say, the community would be there, but people are not all going to one location. It's possible to keep up with blogs on different services, since they all have RSS feeds, but it's more difficult.

So the answer is, I won't move... unless LJ becomes unavailable. I don't mean unavailable for just a few days, but for much longer. At what point does "the enemy" become too powerful? At what point does SUP run out of resources to fight? At what point does the number of interesting people I like to read dwindle to where it's no longer worthwhile? It probably sounds as if I'm pessimistic, and maybe it would be wrong to be pessimistic. But there's enough track record now to ask these questions.

As I mentioned back in April, the Russian elections are in November 2011 and March 2012. It's hard to not expect recurrance of service interruptions between now and then. What happens after that? Who knows. I doubt things will suddenly change in March so that peace and stability will be more likely. I'm still not moving. I'm still backing up my posts to an XML file on my computer, though. That's the least I can do. I may come up with a mirror site, as others have, if I can decide what would work best, but that's not a high priority yet compared to other things I'm handling.


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Aug. 2nd, 2011 12:49 am (UTC)
I would like it if you were to stay here even if LJ is down for say, a week or ten days.

Did you see how fast July went? It was ridiculous! Ten days is nothing; nothing at all.

I know I feel strongly about this, but I like you - you are my friend - and a damn attractive one, at that!

Please hang in there if/when this happens again. I know I will. ((BIG HUGS))
Aug. 3rd, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
Thank you, sir... I'm staying. I just re-upped for another year of paid membership (which I just learned will be 54 weeks, thanks to LJ extending memberships even though it wasn't their fault). I guess I'm just wondering about a day when there's no LJ to stay at. If I haven't established a beachhead somewhere eise, will anyone be able to track me down?

July was completely lost for me in medical facilities. But this whole year has been flying by faster than last year, and I thought 2010 was a Formula 1 car.
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