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The workouts are working out so far...

It's been a month for the gym thing now, and I'm happy with it. I've been getting there pretty regularly, four days a week the last couple of weeks (this one too, probably). I'm working with a trainer. I tell people "she's small but she's fierce!" She's having me run through exercises I've never done, using those large exercise balls and rubber bands and such. The main goals at the moment are to get some "core" strength built up (you know, the trunk, chest through knees) and get regular cardio work going for weight loss. There are also more traditional exercises too, such as bench presses, as they fit in with the goals. I'm happy to be doing workouts again. I slipped away from them several times over the years for one reason or another, but the base reason was lack of motivation, and I've been paying for that for a while now. I'm working on to reversing the decline now.

I'm supposed to talk about nutrition with my trainer next week. Intellectually, I know that's the next important thing, and I'm already taking steps like no soft drinks this week and reducing salt. But I'm even lazier with food than I've been with activity, if that's even possible, and I'm a little afraid of the changes that need to be made. But I know if I don't make them, it'll really hurt any progress. I'm trying to reassure myself by thinking that I may have to take it gradually, and if I slip up on any day it won't be the end of everything. Any improvement helps.

Of course I want to look better. I also want to buy clothes more easily. Gawd, I hate looking for clothes; being tall is bad enough but being big & tall is sartorially the pits. (Certain kinds of clothing are almost impossible to get in big & tall; that's probably all I should say about that, though.) But the big thing is to get off the train of medications before I have a huge honkin' pill container like my mom's — four slots x seven days equals a lot of pills.


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