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Happy Newish Year

First, here's wishing everyone a better year this time, even if last year was good for you already.

My postings here will probably be about as sporadic as in 2010, maybe slightly more so, at least in January and February. There are still family health issues; in fact, I'm writing this from a hospital waiting room. (Things are more or less all right at the moment, and we'll be going home soon.) That's a continuing theme from last year, and a satisfactory conclusion seems pretty elusive. In addition, in the next two months I have to remember how to get a book to the typesetter for the first time in five years—well, 18 years for this particular book. I expect to be scrambling like a one-armed wallpaper hanger doing that in between medical appointments.

In the back of my mind, I am trying to figure out what to do here in LJ. I'd like to post more often, and I'd like more readers and more feedback. I just have to figure how how much I really want that and how to try to make that happen. Obviously I have more control over how often I post and what I write, and that's what I'm kinda-sorta focusing on when I have free musing time. I wouldn't expect anything to change around here till March at the earliest.

Likewise, I expect to be pretty quiet on the music front for the next couple of months too, in case anyone is checking here for news about that.

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