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I'm not doing very well with this social media thing. Hell, I'm not even doing all that well with e-mail, which I don't suppose is really considered social media even though it's used for being social sometimes. (Probably because it predates "Web 2.0".) I'm not sure whether it's because I have too many sites to keep track of, or whether I'm just having problems being social, period. I think it's actually both.

Anyway, that's why I haven't posted much here. I've had ideas for posts. For instance, one topic is the pointlessness of the G8/G20 summits for the leaders and the protesters, to say nothing of the host cities. Asian carp are back in the news. I've had less weighty subjects in mind too, things in the slice-of-life category. But it seems as if I come up with the ideas when I'm working or otherwise occupied, and actual writing time doesn't come up.

Or I'd get distracted by Facebook, not that I'm contributing that much there because I get distracted by Twitter, not that I'm contributing that much there because I get distracted by Flickr, not that I'm contributing that much there because... um, lookit the squirrel!

This at least partly explains why I haven't put up a new music site yet. There are good options — Reverbnation, Bandcamp, CDBaby — but if I'm having trouble with e-mail and Facebook status updates, how am I going to handle expanding my music reach? You have to interact with fans. They get kind of snippy when you don't, or so I've read.

I'm just whining. Or whingeing. Or hand-wringing. Or something.

My online social life will continue its haphazard, mostly moribund state for a while, since I'm going up north for the music festivals, Blissfest and Hiawatha, next week. I'll take a computer but will only have a couple of days out of the trip where it'll be useful. There may be photos, eventually. Mostly there'll be time spent interacting with people in the flesh, outdoors in the sun. I hear that sort of thing was common in the olden days.

Maybe after that, I'll figure out how to make all this online stuff work better for me.

Note: Edited somewhat about an hour after the initial posting.

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