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Asian carp already in Great Lakes

On January 19, the Supreme Court of the U.S. denied the state of Michigan's request for an injunction to immediately close the locks in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal in an effort to prevent movement of the invasive Asian carp species into Lake Michigan (New York Times article). Hours later, according to the Chicago Tribune, DNA evidence of Asian carp was found in Calumet Harbor at the southern end of Lake Michigan, as well as in the Calumet River in Illinois. It's DNA, meaning pieces and parts of dead fish, and no live fish have been seen outside of canal... yet.

A January 5th editorial in the Tribune states that Asian carp have already been found in Lake Erie over the last few years, but not in large numbers; it's possible that they can't get established, due to competition from mostly other invasive species such as zebra mussels, who are getting to the plankton first. There are no sources cited, but they're probably findable. Regardless, it was a reminder to me, at least, that even if we had won a battle against Asian carp in Lake Michigan, the war against invasive species in the Great Lakes in general was lost years ago to critters like the sea lamprey and zebra mussel.

So... what's a good bait for Asian carp, and is it tasty?

Note: Never say never, but this is probably the last Asian carp-related post for me for the foreseeable future. I believe the cat is out of the bag, and short of a stunning decision on the part of either the President or the SCOTUS (to close the canal in Illinois) or an overwhelmingly effective (and heretofore unseen) program of eradication, there's nothing left to do but watch what nature allows the Asian carp to do. Just my opinion and I'm not a biologist; will welcome efforts to change my mind on this.

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