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From fish to... whigs?

Asian carp make the New York Times: Fight Against Asian Carp Threatens Fragile Great Lakes Unity... Two points are added here. First, several other Great Lakes states have joined the proceedings started by a Michigan suit against Illinois, all on Michigan's side. Second, and more important, this issue comes at a time when the states bordering the Great Lakes (as well as Ontario) had achieved a high level of cooperation and a number of accomplishments in preserving and restoring the lakes. So, naturally, there is concern that the spirit of cooperation may be dampened by the carp controversy.

Whigs make a comeback? Whig party leaders hope to offer voters more options... Former high school American history students may remember the Whig Party, which existed from the 1830s to the 1850s and placed three presidents in office before it disintegrated, with some members going on to found the Republican Party. Why would there be a Whig Party today? This article speaks with the leader of the Florida Whigs, who seem to be aiming for the middle ground between today's Republicans and Democrats. Today's Whigs, as in the past, are big on states and individual rights at the expense of federal and presidential powers. There are Whig organizations in 31 states, though so far only in Florida are they approved to appear on statewide ballots.


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Jan. 7th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
A third party sounds like a wonderful thing. A lot of people here say that you can't really tell the difference between the major two anymore. But yeah... third parties have a really hard time getting started. Most of the attempts at third parties here have been very narrowly focused, which makes it easy to either ignore them or co-opt them.

One of my concerns is, once you get to three parties, the next thing you know there are seven parties, and then people actually have to start building coalitions. Wait... no... maybe some coalition-building would be a good thing.
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