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2009 CDs

Sometimes at the end of years past, I have written up a post about the CDs that were released in the previous year that I bought in that year. Here's this year's; don't bother getting up to refresh your coffee because it isn't that long of a list:

  • Not Far Now, Richard Shindell
  • Love Going South, Jo Serrapere
  • Sean Fitzgerald, Sean Fitzgerald
  • Rags, Mike Galbraith
The last three are local artists, though Jo has a somewhat larger reputation than that.

I guess it wasn't a year for acquiring a lot of music, because I don't remember that many CD purchases in the last 12 months. Detroit still has a dearth of independent new CD stores, and Borders got out of the CD market, so we're mostly left with Meijer and Walmart as sources. I bought the Shindell disc at Louisville's Ear-X-Tacy, which is still light years ahead of any Detroit store in the last decade even after their own reduction recently. The locals were acquired from the performers themselves (except, obviously, the Sean Fitz CD).

THIS JUST IN: Actually I have another 2009 CD acquired in 2009, this one a gift from Dave. See, there was an article in the New York Times from a couple of weeks ago, Thank You, Professor, That Was Putrid: Academia Meets the Musical Apocalypse, about an academic symposium on the genre of black metal music, done in all the trappings of a black metal show. (For details on what "black metal" is, see the NYT link.) One of the bands in the genre is Wolves in the Throne Room, which once again made me say "All the good band names are taken." I've never heard their music, but now I'll have a chance to, because Dave got me as kind of a gag gift their most recent album, Black Cascade. We're waiting for the right time to listen to it. Maybe it'll go with dinner tonight: pot roast, red wine, and METULLLLL!!!


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