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I've been saying "Asian carp," along with the rest of the media, but in fact it's at least two species of carp that were imported from Asia. Animal Diversity Web indicates that at least one of them prefers river bottoms to lakes; my theory is they won't infest the lakes themselves but travel to rivers that empty into them. This isn't really much of an improvement. I haven't seen speculation to match or counter mine, but it may be out there in something from the EPA or universities.

A friend in Facebook linked to this news article: Ohio asks Supreme Court to study Asian carp threat. I don't exactly get the wording here, as the Supreme Court only studies things to make a ruling; does Ohio want to encourage the court to take things slowly? That seems to run counter to Michigan's wish that things be done quickly. Maybe Ohio is simply joining as an interested party, as one might think Wisconsin, Ontario, and Indiana might. Besides, wouldn't Ohio possibly already have an Asian carp issue from its southern boundary, the Ohio River? It meets the Mississippi far south of the Illinois River, which is where the Asian carp have traveled through Illinois to get to the canal where they could then get into the Lake Michigan watershed. Guess I need to do a bit more research, myself.

... ok, enough about fish. I guess I have more Christmas stuff to do...

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