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Passing time

I'm wearing a watch today. I almost never do, and haven't for at least a decade. One could say that I'm choosing to not be a slave to time, that as a free and creative person I will not abide by what the watch tells me to do. I will not be oppressed! But the truth is, I don't wear a watch because I am hardly ever far from a clock, whether it's on the wall or on my computer screen. I try to not watch the clocks, but it's hard to avoid knowing what time it is these days anywhere one goes. Even my cell phone has a time read-out, which I use frequently.

The other reason I haven't been wearing a watch much is, somehow I've lost not one but two favorite watches sometime in the last decade. They were both comfortable to wear, easy to read, somewhat outdoorsy-looking, and almost embarassingly basic—just analog time and date. It bugs me that I can't find them, but it has been long enough that I should just buy a new watch. I'm wearing the watch that got me through high school, but it works and is rather conservative stylistically (so I'm not embarassed by youthful timepiece indiscretions). The one flaw is the metal watchband tended to irritate my skin, especially in summers. I think I can handle it for one autumnal day, though.

The reason I'm wearing a watch is that I'm hosting the AJ's Music Cafe Tuesday open mic again tonight. Much thanks to jjfmi for asking me to fill in again, while he searches for his lost voice. OK, he knows where it is, and he's actually resting it. I suggested that he could point at performers when it's their turn, but he came up with the idea of having a substitute instead. That works, too.

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