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When last we checked, Mom and I were in metro Louisville visiting cousins. It was a fun trip, except for the part where my one cousin was so sick from bronchitis and maybe from flu. After we were home we learned she went to the hospital either Sunday or Monday (though she was supposed to be released either today or tomorrow).

Oh, and the part where my back decided to ratchet up the suffering in my life. My usual back problem seems to have become sciatica, so now I have the ever-lovely shooting pain down my right leg too. I would wish this on my worst enemy, but only after careful thought and reading the Geneva Convention. The pain made driving home on Monday a bit of an ordeal, especially the part of the trip where we were stuck in a three-mile backup between Cincinnati and Dayton due to a traffic wreck.

I'm not making this sound like a very good trip, am I? But it really was good; we got to spend time with family, I got to spend time with Dave, and the weather was sunny and seasonably warm almost all weekend.

I got home Monday night, struggled through work on Tuesday, and made an appointment with the doctor this morning, which marked four days out of the last six where I had to get up more than an hour before usual. Ouch. But it was worth it, especially today because I got a shot for my back and it helped a lot. I also got X-rays but any help from them would be longer-term, I suppose. I've had a bad back since approximately 1981, and maybe it's time to find out what's really wrong with it. Maybe.

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