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Give Thanks for Canadian Radio*

Last week, Detroit's smooth jazz station became a top-40 station. Today I learned that our second country station became a top-40 station—excuse me, a "Rhythmic AC" station (AC=Adult Contemporary, I guess). So in the department of drum-machine squealy girl autotuned music we've gone from 1 to 3 outlets, at least.

So if anyone asks why most of the stations I listen to have call signs that begin with a C, that's why. Seems like the only stations doing anything different anymore are the ones located in Windsor. There's 89X, the modern rock station; 93.9 The River, kind of a AAA station; CJAM, the University of Windsor's student station (which just moved from 91.5 to 99.1), which I can barely get; and of course the CBC. (I have to say that 93.9 The River is playing way too much classic rock these days, unfortunately.)

OK, there are the public radio stations. If only they weren't all just beginning pledge drives....

A side note: I finally switched the car radio preset button I've had for 96.3. It has been a few years since it was a cool station, so I decided to replace it with the our FM sports station. Yeah, I know, but I was listening to baseball and hockey games more often than I was listening to the just-barely-beyond-Disney-pop music on the other one.

* Yes, I know Canadian Thanksgiving was Monday. I'm running a little behind here. Or maybe I'm 4 weeks early. I dunno.


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