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Not earthshaking

I woke up at 4:11 a.m. to a distant BEEEP. I was almost asleep again when I heard another distant BEEEP. I stumbled out in the dark to go check my cell phone, clear at the other end of the house. There was a missed call at 2:53 a.m.; I did not hear its little tune then, but then it occasionally forgets to play that tune, somehow. (I'm overdue for a new phone, see.) But the phone's display said the missed call was from a private number, therefore it was from someone I did not know. So I turned off the phone and went back to bed, resisting the urge to bring it to bed in case it was a distant family member in trouble with the law or something.

So why am I mentioning this? *shrug* Who knows. Things aren't likely to get much more interesting here in the next little bit, either, because I'm spazzing out with preparations to go up to Blissfest on Friday. I have a kitchen full of camping gear that needs packing; a car that needs maintenance; a mother who needs attention; grass that needs cutting; and an open mic that needs hosting. (I'll post about the latter separately.) Coincidentally, all that goes along with a decided lack of stuff to write about here in LJ.

There's a chance I'll post something from the trip in the middle of next week, like I did last year (on July 15 and July 16, to be followed up from home on July 24 and July 26). I'll still be up north, probably in Marquette awaiting the Hiawatha Music Festival. Depends on what else is going on. Being surrounded by all that natural beauty makes turning on the computer seem kinda pointless.

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